Harriett Ann McDonough & Raymond F Gesteland (West '56)

Ray moved into our neighborhood from the Nakoma School area. In 9th Grade (1952), we had our first date with his brother Ed chaperoning to a Stan Kenton concert at the U of Wisconsin Field House. We dated through high school and college at U of WI and married in April of 1960 in Madison WI. We have lived in Cambridge, Geneva Switzerland, Cold Spring Harbor NY, and finally in Salt Lake City. We had several friends who met in High School, married, and managed to stay married as of now. Ray and I have been married 64 years in April, have 4 wonderful children and 9 super grandchildren. Ray has been a successful scientist, college administrator, and mentor to numerous students. I worked as a Nurse Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and taught young children as well as Graduate students at U of Utah College of Nursing. Our time at West High provided numerous opportunities to participate in activities to encourage our academic futures. It was a great preparatory education for college. We both participated in extracurricular activities which enriched our experience enormously.

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