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    Alumni: Scott Swanson

    Scott with his wife, MacKenzie, at the Ingold Family Foundation Event

    Sustaining the Family Impact at La Follette

    Scott Swanson’s deep connection to the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) reflects his family’s long-standing history with the district. Growing up on the far east side of Madison, Scott attended Kennedy Elementary, Whitehorse Middle, and La Follette High School, graduating in 2002. His journey through MMSD was profoundly influenced by his parents, Paul and Ruth, both of whom were esteemed teachers and Athletic Directors at La Follette.

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    Alumni: Paige Decent


    Madison Memorial class of 2013 alumna Paige Decent grew up on the west side of Madison, attending Huegel and Akira Toki for elementary and middle school, respectively. Her early education within the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) laid a strong foundation for her academic and personal growth, setting her on a path toward future success.

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    Alumni: Anthony Kiefer

    Rooted in Madison: Anthony Kiefer’s Journey from MMSD Student to Community Advocate

    Anthony Kiefer grew up on the east side of Madison, attending Elvehjem Elementary and Sennett Middle before graduating from La Follette High School in 2006. Sill rooted in Madison, Anthony currently manages an R&D team at IFF, focusing on the physiology of probiotic bacteria—a role that merges his passion for science with a commitment to innovation. He is heavily involved in the community outreach efforts at IFF, spearheading the Adopt-a-School partnership with Sennett Middle School, where he relishes the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of young scholars, paying forward the support and guidance he received during his formative years in the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD).

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  • Alumni: Hannah Altwegg (La Follette, ’14)

    Unexpected Path, Fulfilling Destination

    From navigating through the uncertainties of post-grad life to finding her calling at Summit Credit Union, Hannah Altwegg's journey came full circle to empower others and shape futures.

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  • MMSD Alum, Dr. Joe Gothard, Selected as District's Next Superintendent

    Dr. Gothard’s selection is the culmination of a search process, supported by Alma Advisory Group, that began in May 2023 and was hallmarked by community involvement, most recently evidenced by two days of intensive stakeholder-led interviews of the three shortlisted candidates.

    It also marks a homecoming for Dr. Gothard, a native Madisonian who attended MMSD schools throughout his elementary, middle, and high school years, before going on to serve as a staff member at Lincoln Elementary School and Principal at both Akira R. Toki Middle School and Robert M. La Follette High School, as well as the District’s Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools.

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    Ways the Madison Public Schools Friends & Alumni Network can support your class reunion planning:

    • Promoting Your Reunion
      • Send out targeted emails to your graduating class (an initial email and several reminders)
      • Post content on our social media channels: Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and Instagram.
      • Feature your event on our website

    • Reunion Planning Guides: available upon request to help you prepare for your big event.

    • Supporting Your Alma Mater: we can create QR codes for your in-person reunion activities, encouraging donations to a fund for your high school (funds held by the Madison Public Schools Foundation)

    • Sharing a Post-Reunion Story: (with your input) summarizing your reunion (how many people attended, what you did, including a few photos, etc...) and sending that out to all individuals from your class, as well as posting it on our website and social channels


    Confirmed Upcoming Reunions:


    West Class of 2004 -  Saturday, July 6th, 2024

    West Class of 1999 - Saturday, June 29th, 2024

    West Class of 1994 - July 27-28, 2024

    West Class of 1974 - August, 9-11, 2024

    West Class of 1964 - July 12-13, 2024
    Contact Donna Ploc for more details: [email protected]


    Wisconsin High Class of 1961 - September 6-7, 2024
    (4p at Nakoma Country Club each evening)

    Please share your class's reunion details!


    Please share your class's reunion details!


    East High School Class of 2004 - September 21, 2024
    (location TBD)

  • Melissa Hughes (Stainbrook) and Jake Hughes (La Follette '99)

    We were introduced by mutual friends who were colleagues of Jake's. Our journey began on February 2nd, 1997, just in time for us to attend Twerp together. Five years later, on November 2nd, 2002, we exchanged vows and embarked on building our first and only home the following year. With three boys, our life is rich and fulfilling.

    Friendship has been the cornerstone of our relationship, providing the stability and support we needed through various challenges. From financial struggles to navigating pandemic-induced remote learning for our children, we've faced it all together. Balancing opposite work shifts to prioritize our family hasn't been easy, but it's strengthened our bond.

    Now, after 27 years together and celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary in November, we remain deeply committed to each other and our children, making them our utmost priority.

  • Beth Johnson Verdin and Al Verdin (Memorial)

    In 1976, we both taught at Memorial High School, though we weren't particularly close at the time. The teachers were on strike, and we walked past each other multiple times. The bitter cold of the picket line brought us together as we would pause to warm up at a nearby teacher's house. It was there that we struck up conversations and grew more acquainted.

    Fast forward a few months, and the major ice storm of March came. Of course that was the night we had our first date, not knowing how bad the weather was going to get. From there, the rest is history and we have been married for 46 1/2 years. We left Madison in 2004 and have since lived in Henderson, Nevada.


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  • Harriett Ann McDonough & Raymond F Gesteland (West '56)

    Ray moved into our neighborhood from the Nakoma School area. In 9th Grade (1952), we had our first date with his brother Ed chaperoning to a Stan Kenton concert at the U of Wisconsin Field House. We dated through high school and college at U of WI and married in April of 1960 in Madison WI. We have lived in Cambridge, Geneva Switzerland, Cold Spring Harbor NY, and finally in Salt Lake City. We had several friends who met in High School, married, and managed to stay married as of now. Ray and I have been married 64 years in April, have 4 wonderful children and 9 super grandchildren. Ray has been a successful scientist, college administrator, and mentor to numerous students. I worked as a Nurse Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and taught young children as well as Graduate students at U of Utah College of Nursing. Our time at West High provided numerous opportunities to participate in activities to encourage our academic futures. It was a great preparatory education for college. We both participated in extracurricular activities which enriched our experience enormously.

  • Roots of Learning: The Richard Sisters Reflect on their Strong Foundation from Madison Public Schools

    Meet Marty Richard Meek (center), Carol Richard (left), and Laura Richard Thomson (right), three sisters who share not only a bond of sisterhood but also a deep connection to Madison public schools. All three began their educational journey at Glendale Elementary (renamed Dr. Virginia Henderson Elementary in 2020), eventually graduating from La Follette High School in 1970, 1972, and 1977, respectively. They are three of six siblings in their tightly-knit family.

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  • Coding Continuum: Alonso Del Rio’s Journey from Student to Mentor

    Madison West High class of 2016 alum Alonso Del Rio is a software developer on the MyChart team at Epic, a career that allows him to embrace his passion for technology. His venture into the world of computer science (CS) took root during fifth grade as a participant in the inaugural Scratch Club at Shorewood Elementary School. Scratch, a free programming language designed to make coding enjoyable and accessible for children, captivated Alonso. Reflecting on those early days, he fondly recalls “I just had so much fun with Scratch—I loved having the ability to make my own games and goofy animations and learning about cool tricks to use in my projects. I didn’t fully realize that these tricks were tied to the foundations of programming until years later!” 

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  • Memorial Alum Now Associate Superintendent of High Schools

    In mid-October of 2023, MMSD announced that Jay Affeldt, former district administrator and high school principal, has been named Associate Superintendent of High Schools. In this role, he will provide instructional leadership and coaching to the district’s six high school principals to ensure strong school cultures as well as provide oversight to the district’s secondary athletics programs.

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  • published 2020 Referenda Construction Updates in News 2023-10-03 13:10:36 -0500

    Your Alma Mater Has a New Look!

    On November 3, 2020, Madison voters approved a historic investment in MMSD with a pair of referenda that totaled $350 million. Voters approved both questions on the ballot: $317 million in bonds for capital projects and $33 million in operating funds that will phase in over four years. The "Vote Yes 2 Invest Campaign," was led by Schools Make Madison Advocates, Inc., an affiliate of the Madison Public Schools Foundation.

    Three years later, students were welcomed into two new MMSD school buildings at the start of the 2023-24 school year, and construction continues at the four main high schools with full occupancy planned for the start of the next school year. 

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  • published MMSD Searches for Next Superintendent in News 2023-10-03 13:02:39 -0500

    MMSD Searches for Next Superintendent - And Your Voice Matters

    The MMSD Board of Education appointed former MMSD administrator, Lisa Kvistad, to serve as interim superintendent during the 2023-2024 school year while a search is underway for the district's next permanent leader. 

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  • Milwaukee Bucks' Wesley Matthews Teams Up with MPSF

    NBA Star/Memorial Alum teams with MPSF to help students get active.

    MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Milwaukee Bucks star Wesley Matthews has come back to Madison to help give back.

    He has teamed up with the Madison Public Schools Foundation to help launch a new initiative aimed at making it easier for students to get active. Called ‘Play Every Day,’ this initiative will help provide funds to support the Madison Metropolitan School District, allowing faculty to replace old physical education and recess equipment, as well as help students cover participation fees.

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  • 8 Ways You Can Make a Difference for Madison Students

    Take action. Get involved. 

    The students at your alma mater need your support! And the Madison Public Schools Foundation (MPSF) makes it easy to get involved. From volunteering your time to our popular Adopt-a-School program, our goal is to help you find new ways to support Madison’s public schools and students. Here are eight opportunities to take advantage of right away:

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  • West High Alum Reflects on the Value of Sports

    Written by Lisa Gaumnitz

    Jeff Mack Jr. strides into Starbucks on a wintry February day, looking much like the 240-pound outside linebacker who made 298 tackles for the University of Wisconsin football team 20 years earlier, but sounding very much like the banker he is today. 

    Park Bank’s first vice president for business development is talking on his cell phone and holds up his index finger to indicate he’ll be a few minutes longer. When he wraps up and sits down for an interview, he is still crunching numbers in his head and mulling over possible returns for the client who just hung up. 

    “Do you follow interest rates?” he asks and launches into an explanation of cap rates for real estate and how current high-interest rates are affecting his client’s decision-making about buying an investment property. 

    Sports and math have helped Mack succeed since he graduated from West High School in 1999. These intertwined loves are why he’s helping promote Madison Public School Foundation’s Play Every Day initiative to make sure students have what they need to succeed individually and to work toward the common good. 

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  • “Playground Lessons” Helped Propel West Alum to Success On and Off the Field

    Written by Lisa Gaumnitz

    Ten-year-old Donnel Thompson raced to get ready early for school so he could play touch football at the Randall Elementary playground before the bell rang. Teacher Fred Tiemann– Mr. T to the kids – quarterbacked for both teams and the diverse group of kids competed hard, had fun, and were back at it again every recess.   

    “It was what we wanted to do,” recalls the West High alum, a walk-on for the University of Wisconsin football team who grew into a leading tackler, played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now leads as vice president of national accounts for Direct Supply, Inc. in Milwaukee.   

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  • published Why Should You Attend Your Class Reunion? in News 2021-05-19 12:02:59 -0500

    Why Should You Attend Your Class Reunion?

    It’s been the subject of countless TV sitcoms: an upcoming class reunion and all of the negatives that come with it. Characters are either scrambling to embarrass an old rival, doing their best to woo an old crush or looking for reasons to skip the reunion entirely. 

    We laugh at the episode’s antics and situations—and scoff at the ending when it all turns out okay. But are class reunions really so bad? 

    In reality, reunions are great opportunities to reconnect with people from your past. You’ll get to see old friends and catch up on what everyone has been doing over the past few years. All told, there are far more reasons to attend your class reunion than there are to skip it, and with the summer reunion season just about to begin, we thought we’d focus on why you should make it out to yours if you’re able!

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