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The Madison Public Schools Friends & Alumni Network is made possible with generous support from the Madison Community Foundation and the Nimick Forbesway Foundation.

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    An Alumni Network Built Just for You

    As part of our efforts to form greater connections with our graduates and the community, we are thrilled to launch the Madison Public Schools Friends & Alumni Network – a free way for alumni and community supporters to stay connected and engaged in activities that strengthen our schools, and each other. This community will empower you to stay in touch with old friends, classmates or colleagues, learn about how you can help students in those halls today and get regular updates on all the exciting things happening in Madison's public schools. We ask that you engage in this network and help ensure a lasting legacy for Madison's public schools and the students it serves—both now and in the future. We'll share more about how you can do just that in the weeks and months to come, but for now... We Want to Hear From You As we work to build a network that best serves our community, input from our alumni and friends is of utmost importance. As such, we invite you to take this quick survey to help us better understand the information, services and opportunities you would like to receive from the network. It will only take a few minutes of your time and your participation is greatly appreciated!
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    A Virtual Reunion for the Madison West Class of '75

    Guest post by Dan Mansoor, Madison West Class of 1975 In the COVID-19 era, people are reaching out to family, friends, and neighbors. The Madison West Class of '75 held a brief (and their first-ever) Zoom™ video call on May 6 at 7 PM. Moderated by Dan Mansoor (from Cleveland), current principal Dr. Karen Boran was invited to give a brief update on the school. Because of modest numbers – about 22 floated in and out during the hour call – everyone had the opportunity to share stories, ask questions, and provide updates. Alumni from the Class of '61 and Class of '80 crashed the party, the latter a critical care physician in New York City who gave us a powerful first-person account from the front lines of the COVID-19 fight. Close battle played out for the "log on" from the farthest distance. Michael Shapiro "voiced in" from the Province of Córdoba, Argentina, and Julie Beatty looked radiant in pajamas from Melbourne, Australia (10 AM). We had two alumni from Montana, two from California, two from Chicago and one from Verona! We also heard from Dr. Boran about the formation of the new Alumni & Friends of West and the immediate philanthropic needs of current students and their families during the coronavirus crisis. We all looked a lot older than we did in 1975, but mostly due to slow bandwidth! The Class's 45th Reunion this summer is more and more in doubt. But count on another video call and a bigger party in 2021.
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