America's Story Documented Through One Alum's History

History is a story well told, and West High class of 1981 alumnus Dr. Alex Gee is the central figure in Justified Journey, a new documentary that uses one family’s story to illustrate the vastly unequal outcomes for Black and white Americans. Produced by former WKOW news anchor Greg Jeschke, Justified Journey follows Dr. Gee, the pastor of Fountain of Life Covenant Church and host of the Black Like Me podcast, as he traces his own roots back to rural Mississippi and discovers the exact point where the Gee family tree branched out into two very different directions.

In the film, Dr. Gee tells his story, the story of many African Americans, that began forty years ago as a boy watching the TV series, “Roots”. Decades later, he resumes his journey in earnest, and it takes him to the painful origins of his family. But from that experience he makes the poignant discovery that alters his perspective on the past and the future. As he reflects on his story, Dr. Gee reveals how it embodies the wider struggle for black equality and equity in America and what must be done to create real change.

Watch the 40-minute documentary to learn more about Dr. Gee’s remarkable story:

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